What is bidding? Does it cost money to bid?
Bidding is how a student secures interviews. Bidding refers to the process in Symplicity where one ranks the employers from highest to lowest based on the student’s interest in having an interview with that employer. This is how the employer gets a student resume and learns that the student has interest in an interview. Bidding must be done in order to secure interviews. Bidding does not cost money. Students who do not bid on interviews cannot participate in any way, in the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair. Bidding concludes at midnight, Eastern Time, on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Do I have to bid to get interviews?
Bidding is the only way to get your resume (and other documents) into the employers hands. If you do not bid for an interview with a particular employer, they will not interview you. If you register for the Diversity Job Fair and do not bid, you will not be able to participate in any of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair events or activities.

Should I bid on all employers?
If you are completely not interested in working for an employer, and know in advance that you would not accept a job offer, do not bid on them. But, if you might have interest, or want to learn more about a summer experience with a particular employer, we encourage all students to bid on each employer. Bidding (even with low priority) will allow the employer to have access to your resume and other documents and will allow the IndyBar to book interviews subsequently to your original interview schedule.  THE MORE YOU BIDS YOU CAST, THE GREATER THE CHANCE OF SECURING INTERVIEWS.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BIDDING ON MOST, IF NOT ALL, EMPLOYERS, EVEN IF YOUR EXPERIENCE/GRADES DON'T MATCH THEIR HIRING CRITERIA.  If you have no intention of accepting an offer with a particular employer, please do not bid on them (ie: public service agencies or employers that do not offer salary)

What happens if I don't bid on time?
The deadline closes on Sunday, July 9, at midnight Eastern time, and if you have not ranked the employers and uploaded your resume and other requested documents into Symplicity, you will not be able to participate in the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

I've uploaded several cover letters and Symplicity won't let me upload anymore, what do I do?
When bidding, you will note that each employer has different hiring criteria or documents they would like to review. You should upload the documents that your top choices request. Once those have been uploaded in the bid, you can delete them and upload more. For example: you have created 20 personalized cover letters (and saved in your own computer) in advance of bidding. You have also uploaded your unofficial transcript and writing sample in Symplicity. Once you’ve bid on your top 10 employers, delete these cover letters and upload the remaining 10. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Caren Chopp at cchopp@indybar.org

Why is my username and password different?
The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair is a unique event, not associated with your law school’s OCI process. You will need to keep your username and password on hand to research the participating employers and bid on interviews.

What is the dress code?
The employers will be dressed in business attire and we recommend you are too.

How many interviews can I be assigned?
A student can secure a maximum of 7 interviews on Tuesday, August 15. Interviews will be held from 9am-4pm. A hospitality room is available for students to relax between interviews. Outside of scheduled interviews, the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair offers additional opportunities for students to meet employers; the welcome reception on Monday, August 14 and the Keynote Luncheon are wonderful ways to meet all of our employers. The reception and luncheon are free for interviewing students.

After original assignment, will interviews be added or deleted from my schedule?
Interviews will never be deleted from your schedule. Interview times with a particular employer may be moved around to allow you or other participants to secure additional interviews as they become available. Historically, participating students will be assigned an additional interview between the time the schedules are originally displayed and the week of the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

I don’t have my interview schedule yet, should I book a hotel room?
The reduced rate ($159) for the Hilton Indianapolis will expire before your final interview schedule will be displayed. But please don’t miss the opportunity to book your room at the location of the interviews and at a reduced rate. If you change your mind and decide not to participate, you can cancel your room up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund. But Indy is a busy place, and you might not be able to find a nearby hotel room if you wait too long.

Is gender considered a diverse quality?
In Indianapolis, we are fortune enough to say that at least 50% of first year attorneys are female. The employers at the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair generally do not consider gender a diverse quality. These employers are looking to meet law students who are racially or ethnically diverse, who affiliate with GLBTQ or are law students with a disability.

May I participate in DJF events if I did not bid or am not interviewing?
Students who do not secure interviews through the bidding process may purchase tickets to the Welcome Reception or Keynote Lunch events at www.indybar.org Students without interviews are not able to participate in any other DJF activities.

How is this job fair different from others?
This Fair is limited to employers in central Indiana. We are not trying to be all things to all people. The interviewing employers want to meet students who have a true desire to work in a mid-sized city in the Midwest. Providing an opportunity for these 2 groups to interact results in terrific outcomes for the students. Students will have the opportunity to meet with several employers in interviews…unlike Fairs where you drop in for one interview, the IndyBar Diversity Job Fair is a destination. Our statistics show that nearly 50% of interviewing students get call back interviews, dozens of job offers are made and 20% of interviewing students accept these offers and work in Indy the following summer.

Here is what students say:
  • “If there is one Job Fair to go to, it is the Indianapolis Bar Association Diversity Job Fair!!”
  • “The firms attended the Fair with actual intent to hire”
  • “The best part was the engagement of the employers and other legal professionals and the true sense of wanting real diversity in the Indy legal community”
  • “The best part was how organized it all was, so simple to find everything and being kept up to date on what was going on”

The schedule of events is set up to give students the maximum opportunity to become familiar with Indianapolis; the student workshop will familiarize the student with the Indianapolis Bar Association office, across the street from the Federal Courthouse and around the corner from the State Courts. At the Keynote Lunch, tables will be set for 4 students and 4 licensed attorneys, for maximum networking time.

Common Mistakes We Hope You Avoid:
  • Don’t wait until the last evening to research employers and not completing bidding on time
  • Realize Indianapolis is on Eastern Time, make sure you complete your bidding on time
  • Don’t arrive too late or book a flight too early and miss opportunities to have additional interviews added to your schedule
  • Don’t skip the student workshop, welcome reception or keynote luncheon
  • Bring enough resumes to the reception or Fair
  • Book a hotel room before the cutoff date for reduced rate